Repairs & Tyres

John Charles Auto and Chamber & Gillies offer a great range of repair and tyre services to keep your car, van or vehicle in the best possible condition.


At John Charles Auto, we offer a great selection of tyres, spares and repairs to ensure you’ve always got the right tyre for you vehicle needs.

We also ensure that your tyres are inflated correctly, so that they are working at the optimum level of safety.


With our professional team of experts, John Charles Auto can ensure your vehicle is repaired to the very highest standard. Our repair services include the following:

Clutch Repairs

We are able to replace a clutch on most vehicles. Clutch repair is not an everyday service, so you want to be assured that you make the right choice and use experts at doing the job, at the best possible price.


Car brakes should be checked regularly and are one of the areas where most cars fail their MOT test, due to lack of efficiency when braking or brake judder.

Cambelt / Timing Belt Replacement

John Charles Auto Ltd is able to carry the replacement of cambelt (timing belt) & timing chain.

Cambelts are an essential part of your vehicle, and if not replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines, can result in serious damage to your vehicles engine and end up costing a substantial amount of money to repair.

We are more than happy to qualify if your cambelt needs replacing by using manufacturers guide lines on mileage and age, please call us or pop in to our centre so we can check for you.

All of our prices are highly competitive and we have a special offer on cambelt / timing belt replacement. Please call John Charles Auto today for details of our current special offers.

Head Gasket repair and replacement

We can carry out the replacements of your head gasket and engine work, all our work is completed to a high standard on a day to day basis by our experienced technicians.

Paintless Body Repairs

Our paint-free dent removal process will not crack or mark the paint surface and provides a cost effective solution to conventional repair methods. Paintless Body Repair is a quick and cost-effective car dent removal process and is carried out without the need for costly bodyshop repair. Our specialists remove small dents by using a method that 'massages' the dents out of the damaged area and restoring the body panel so that it appears as good as new.

Restoring dents in this way is the cheapest method of dent removal and repair. It can ultimately help to restore the value of your vehicle, for the fraction of the cost of a conventional full body shop repair and paint.

To book your vehicle in for repair work, contact John Charles Auto today.

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