Other Services

John Charles Auto and Chamber and Gillies offer a wide range of services for cars, vans, taxis, buses and other vehicles in the Hertfordshire area.

Air Conditioning Recharge

  • Saves an estimated 10% of Air-Con gas is lost via your system every year.
  • Your Air-Con system needs recharging every 2 years with gas & lubricant.
  • Air con should be used all year round as this aids visibility in the winter months as much as in the summer months.

4 Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment will greatly reduce the premature wear and tread on the edge of your tyres, and ensure you receive more mileage from your next set.

Vehicle suspension and steering contribute to the comfort, performance and handling of your vehicle so it can achieve and maintain the best possible ride. The steering and suspension needs to be measured and adjusted within the motor manufacturer’s specifications, as this can be altered by kerbing and pot holes in the road. This can only be done by measuring all four wheels and having a proper full four wheel alignment measurement.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Ensure you protect your alloy wheels by having any scratches repaired to make them appear as good as new. Why buy a new set of wheels when you can refurbish the old ones at a fraction of the cost? At John Charles Auto we have saved our customers thousands of pounds over the years and we want to continue helping you save more as the price of alloy wheels continues to be significant.

Splash & Shine

This professional service helps to maximise the value of your vehicle and keep it in pristine condition.

Your Splash & Shine will consist of:

  • Jet-washing the vehicle exterior, applying specialist traffic film remover
  • Jet-washing the wheel arches, bonnet and boot shuts
  • Shampooing and leathering the exterior and door shuts
  • Liquid wax polishes all painted panels
  • Polishing windows, inside and out
  • Cleaning the alloys and dressing the tyres
  • Vacuum all carpets and upholstery

Protective Paint Guard Super Guard

Protective Paint Guard Super Guard will provide your car with a tough and resilient protective barrier against UV radiation, road salts, general road grime, acid rain and industrial fallout which can damage your car’s paintwork.

Protective Paint Guard sealant will protect your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh every day environment that surrounds it and is upon it from your UV rays to road salt, this can affect your bodywork by fading your paintwork, road salt and acid rain can also cause damage to the paint finish of your vehicle. The unique protective paint guard formula allows a one-off application to protect your vehicle from most damage.

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